Please see our list of frequently asked questions below. If you still need ansrews don't hesitate to give us a call. Our professional expert staff is always available to help.

Do you give out pricing?

As a wholesale distributor we work directly with your fabricator/contractor of choice. We do not give pricing on slabs, installation, or anything related to the fabrication of your material. Once you select your material, your fabricator is immediately notified of your selection, so you can further discuss pricing with them.

Do I need to have an appointment?

No, you do not! We welcome walk-ins. The only time we recommend an appointment is when you would like to have slabs open for viewing or if you need special hours.

What happens when I go to the warehouse?

A. Prior to viewing the slabs you need to sign an entry form for your own safety. Unfortunately, if you do not sign this form, you will not be allowed to walk on our property, and this is because we want to ensure everyone`s safety above all.

B. Once you fill out the form and sign, you will make your selection and your fabricator will be notified. We will always ask who your fabricator is. Once you make a final selection, you can place a material “ on hold”. We will honor that hold for 7 days, unless otherwise specified.

When do you deliver my slabs?

We deliver your material once your fabricator orders it.

Do you recommend any fabricator?

No, we do not recommend anyone, it is against our policy.

Do I have to pay anything to place a material “ on hold” ?

No, there are no fees associated with holing a material. We usually recommend that you hold a material when you are 100% sure of your selection, because we can`t guarantee that the same will be there the next day.

Are kids allowed in the warehouse?

We do not recommend bringing kids when choosing your material, as our location is not suitable for kids. You should always watch your step and your surroundings when walking around.